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This page offers general, introductory information about the semester abroad and Macromedia University's partner universities.
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We offer you the following information:

  • Basic Information
    You can find all general information regarding the semester abroad: Organisational things, time guide lines, hints how to finance the semester abroad and more.
  • Partner Universities
    You can find all relevant information about our partner universities around the world.
  • Additional Fees
    You can find all relevant information about the additional fees, TOEFL requirements, etc.
  • Application
    You can find all necessary application documents to finally apply for your semester abroad.
  • Academic Aspects
    You can find all academic related information such as the Learning Agreements and Addendums, registration forms for equivalent courses and the presentation about academic aspects. 
  • Testimonials

    Firsthand information can be found on the 6+1-Blog where students share their experiences. Information accompanied by pictures and film clips can be found here.

    Want to get in touch and talk directly to fellow students? Our student ambassadors are happy to share their experience with youStudent Ambassador student ambassador 2

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