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Semester abroad for London B.A. students

Students who have been accepted at the University of Westminster (UoW) for the London B.A. program:

a. Do not need to participate in the final settings, assignment to UoW takes place automatically, as stated in their contract.

b. Do not require an extra language certification (e.g. TOEFL), English language is one of the pre-requirements to be accepted in the London B.A. program.

c. Will spend the 3rd and 4th semester (one year in total) at the UoW

d. Enjoy the same advantage of an orientation session and other services offered by the UoW, just like the study abroad students.

The Additional Fee will be charged on the 15.07. from the student's bank account by the accountancy dept.
Please note that the amount charged will be for the whole year, not only for one semester. Should there be some financial difficulties, other payment models can be offered.

Like other study abroad students, the London B.A. students will register for their exams at the Macromedia but the exams will take place at the UoW. For students who are not able to take part, or fail the exams, the following applies:

„Exams work in the same way for all students irrespective of how the come to the University - study abroad students follow the same regulations as regular degree students. If a student missed his/her exam due to illness etc, s/he would need to submit a mitigating circumstances request (MC), if accepted then s/he would be able to re-sit during the deferral period and this can be accommodated overseas. If a student failed, the student would retake the exam during the referral period, capped at the minimum pass mark of 40% and this can be accommodated overseas. The exams overseas are managed by the Student Lifecycle Team and EAT would liaise with that team and provide support for students who submit MCs; MCs themselves are dealt with by the Fitzrovia Registry. "

Please remember: In comparison to students in an intergrated semester abroad, the London B.A. student will spend one full year at the UoW. The courses for both semesters are pre-selected y the dean's office and set in the Learning Agreements.