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Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a learning management system which can support both teaching and learning processes. At the Macromedia University it is primarily employed to support the communication and cooperation between the students and the teaching staff. One can also find all course-relevant materials (such as scripts and slide sets) in Moodle. The user-friendly LMS is provided in parallel to the student portal where all official documents are available (e.g. documents from the Examination Office, from the Course Management, the binding guidelines etc.).


After accessing the study portal (see Login study portal) and klicking on the menu items Course -> Moodle you will be directed to the Moodle start page.

Each Moodle participant has their own individual profile. You can find your profile by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the page. Here you can make changes to your profile (e.g. add contact information or upload a picture) by clicking on "Administration" -> "My profile settings" -> "Edit profile".

In Moodle will find the area "Course categories" which displays the basic navigational structure of Moodle. The navigation is mapped out as follows: Location -> course of study -> semester -> module -> course (Standort -> Studiengang -> Semester -> Modul -> Lehrveranstaltung).

  • Every semester you will have to re-register for the moodle courses relevant to your field of study. To do this, you need to follow the navigation until you reach the course you are looking for and then click on "Enrol me".
  • If your lecturer has set a password for the course you will be asked for an enrolment key. You should receive the key from the lecturer at the beginning of classes.
  • After the registration in the course, it will be listed under "my courses" and you will be able to directly access the course without having to enrol or enter a password again.
  • You can un-register from a course by clicking on "Administration" -> "Course administration" -> "Unenrol me from...". This will cancel your enrolment in the course. Of course you can enrol in the course again at any time.