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Semester abroad step by step

Gathering information

Prepare yourself - Inform yourself about our partner universities, their requirements, the expenses that will arise and about cultural aspects to be able to choose the perfect destination. 

From 01.10. on

TOEFL preparation and test

Keep in mind that we can only allocate you to a partner university with a valid TOEFL score.

01.10. - 23.12.

Selection of a partner university (Final Setting)

Choose your three preferred partner universities within the final setting. Select on your own and do not hinge your choice on the choice of fellow students! Be aware that your choice is binding - therefore choose wisely.

 Beginning of February

Placement (Allocation)

The study places are allocated by the Macromedia International Office to students in consideration of your preferences on a national basis according to the relevant linguistic and academic criteria. Your placement will be communicated to you in early March.

 Beginning of March

Application procedure

Submit all needed application documents via the application management. If we don't receive an application by 31.03. the claim on a sit at the partner university expires.

15.03. - 31.03.


Transmission of applications

We will check all application documents and transmit them to the partner universities. Due to the big amount of students applying, the verrificaton might take a little while.

01.04. - 15.05.

Response by partner university

Please be patient as it might take a while until you get a response from the partner university.

19.04. - 31.07.

Prepare for the stay abroad 

After having received the Letter of Acceptance from the partner university, you can start to take care of the visa, book the flight, search for housing, etc. 

 Depending on the final destination

Additional Fees

The tuition fees will be paid to the partner universities by Macromedia directly, therefore we kindly ask you to not transfer any tuition fees to partner universities! Macromedia will debit the additional fees July 15th from the bank account stated in your acceptance of placement. If you have not provided our accountants with your bank details, we kindly ask you to transfer the additional fees yourself to the usual Macromedia account.


Semester A-Z

 More information needed? search in details from A-Z.

B.A. Hons Students

B.A. Hons students can choose freely whether they want to go abroad or not. All details can be found here.

London B.A. Students

London B.A. students have the possibility to go abroad at the University of Westminster for one year. More details here.

Financing the Semester Abroad

Spending a semester in Paris, Sydney or Bangkok provides learning adventures and new experiences, living in a different culture. Studying abroad can also be expensive, you should therefore inform yourself about the final destination and the local costs of living way in advance to calculate the possible expenses.

Once you decide where you will be studying abroad, you can start working to save up for your trip. But let us be realistic, saving up might just not be enough, that’s where our three other options come in: Scholarships, Auslands-BAföG (Federal Financial Aid) and Education Loans:

Scholarships: Macromedia University offers you to apply for the PROMOS scholarship in order to receive fundings from the German Academic Exchange Service administered by the International Office. However, there are loads of other scholarships you can apply for, for your semester abroad. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and MyStipendium offer vast databases that may be useful.

Auslands-BAföG: You may be eligible to apply for Auslands-BAföG (Bundesausbildungs-Förderungsgesetz). Fundings include amongst others, travel expenses, living expenses and tuition fees up to 4.600€. Make sure to apply early and send your application documents to the right BAföG authorities office in charge, since competences depend on your destination.

Education Loans: The government, banks and companies offer education loans with different rates of payments and repayments. There is certainly a funding that satisfies your need.

If you need further information, please see our useful informational brochures that we have put together to give you even more insights about possibilities to finance your semester abroad.

Hardship Case

If you are not able to take part in the semester abroad out of personal, health-related, financial or other reasons, you have to submit a hardship application. Only students with an accepted hardship case are exempt from the mandatory semester abroad but must attend Macromedia University's online modules. A request for consideration of a hardship case must be made as soon as the reason for the hardship is known, but no later than 31 March of the year in which you must attend the semester abroad. Should the reason for the hardship occur after that deadline, requests for consideration of a hardship case may be made until the 30 June of the year in which you must attend the semester abroad.

In case you need to apply for an hardship case, please make a personal appointment on Campus with the International Office or the Examination Office, so the staff can advise you on the next steps.