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Extension of Submission Deadlines

Submission deadlines can be extended if they cannot be met due to pregnancy, raising a child, illness, or other reasons beyond the control of the student. The existence of the reasons must be credibly proven. In the event of illness, a medical certificate must be submitted within 14 days of the first day of illness. Later issued and backdated certificates cannot be accepted.  Only days of illness prior to the regular submission date can be considered.

Your request must be submitted within the working period. It should be received online in the examination office no later than the regular submission date.

The relevant examination board will then decide on the application. You will receive a notification once your application has been processed.

Maximum extension of working periods can be found in the study and examination regulations.

Project theses: up to two weeks

Bachelor theses: up to three weeks

Master's theses: up to eight weeks

Special features for group work:

If a group member has received an extension for the working time, then this has NO effect on the working time of the group members. One group member hands in their group work on behalf of the rest of the group. You should communicate to the examiner the fact that a group member has been granted an extension for working time, for example in the introduction. Please remember to mark which group member made which contribution.

The person who received the extension will then submit the group paper supplemented by his/her contribution no later than the deadline stated in the notification.  The Local Academic Affairs Manager will inform the examiner as soon as the work has been received in full.