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Please click on the following link to access the syllabi and handling lists for the current semester.

The syllabi and handling lists are stored in SharePoint Library.


How are the syllabi stored in the SharePoint Library?


The syllabi are sorted by degree (Bachelor B.A. and Master M.A.) and study program. Within the degree programs, the syllabi are sorted by semester.


The name of each syllabus starts with the exam form of the corresponding module:


Written Exam_Module A

Project Paper_Module B

Oral Exam_Module C

Pass_no pass_Module D


What is a syllabus and what information does it contain?


A syllabus contains all the information about a module.


There is a syllabus for each module that you complete during your studies.


In the syllabus you will find the learning outcomes, learning content as well as literature and exercises. The syllabus contains the description of the competencies to be acquired in the corresponding module. These are defined interdisciplinary, course-specific as well as subject-specific. In addition, the syllabus provides information about the workload, the course time, the self-study time and the examination form of the module.


Last but not least, the syllabus provides information on the contents of the individual courses (units) that will take place during the semester and the assignment for the project work or the oral examination as well as details on the assessment of the corresponding examination.


Syllabi for modules that are taught during a certain semester


The syllabi of all modules that are regularly taught in a semester are available on this community page. They will be published on the respective date set by the examination board. You will be notified by email when the syllabi are published.


Syllabi for modules that are not regularly offered during a certain semester


The syllabi for modules that are not regularly offered in a semester, but whose examination students would like to make up, will also be made available to you on this community page. This applies in particular to project work and oral examinations. The publication will take place after evaluation of the registrations for the exams.