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Violations of examination regulations

A violation of examination regulations occurs when a student attempts to influence the result of an examination by cheating or using unauthorized aids to his/her own or another's advantage.

Plagiarism is considered a violation of the examination regulations. At Macromedia, a distinction is made between different types of plagiarism. Please be especially careful not to submit self-plagiarized work, when retaking examinations.  For more information, please refer to the guidelines on violations of examination regulations. A plagiarism check is automatically carried out for every examination paper that you submit online in the learning management system. This also applies to Open Book exams. All written examinations are generally individual pieces of work. Please refer to the list of aids for information on any aids you may need to complete the exams. The use of further aids is not permitted.

Regardless of the type of attempted cheating, each violation will be penalized with 0 points and grades 5.0. In addition, a warning will be issued. In the event of a repeat offence, the university reserves the right to expel you without notice and to terminate the education contract concluded with you.