Macromedia Students Council


Who are we?

The University Macromedia's Students Council is a structured group of students who voluntarily represent the student body's interests as a whole and work towards resolving potential inconsistencies on Campus. Including both representatives of each field of study and highly motivated students, its main goal is to strive for continuous improvement and progress for the collective interest of students. Each location of University Macromedia assembles their individual Students Council on Campus every semester, appointing Student Representative and Deputy to manage the local Students Council's concerns. All five (5) Students Councils then appoint the National Students Representative and deputy for two consecutive semesters, to manage the National Students Council's concerns, representing over 2000 students nationwide.


What do we do?

As a representative of the collective Macromedia students' interests, all locations' chapters of the Student Council provide advice and guidance for students concerning administration, school management and Dean's Office. Its field of activity includes student counselling and support, encouraging progress and finding solutions to issues on campus or study-related-topics. Added to these main duties, the Student Council's main responsibility is in helping to develop a feeling of belonging for Macromedia students, such as student parties or mixers, amongst others. When dealing with issues on a national level, Local Students Representatives are to contact National Students Representative, who is/are in contact with the school provost and collegiate management located in Munich. National Students Representative holds a seat in Macromedia Senate, being able to implement or veto proposals in favour of Macromedia students. Upon completion of their term, Local Students Council is to host a plenum, inviting and including all students, faculty and administration staff, where they will give an overview of the Local Students Council's activities and achievements of the previous semester, introducing projects to come, and open collective discussion and dialogue for participation of all interested.


Why are we important?

As students' organisation, Macromedia Students Council is able to represent situation and collective interests of students towards collegiate management and to find solutions together. Many achievements on both local and national levels, prove Students Council's importance and influence, e.g. students of campuses Cologne and Stuttgart are entitled to using public transportation on reduced-student-fare/tariff, a right reserved for college students of public colleges but through Local Student Councils' initiatives extended to Macromedia Students.

For further information about the Student Councils please see the Macromedia Website.




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