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Career Service - Offerings

Every semester we offer career related events to all of our students:


1 Discover potentials

We assist you in finding your personal strengths and weaknesses and support you to discover your potentials and to define your personal goals. Develop your individual career profile with our support by tasking our career advisory service or by participating in a workshop.   


2 Acquire competences

Besides technical competences that you acquire during your studies, the career service regularly offers extra-curricular workshops and seminars. The confident handling of programmes such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, etc. turns out to be essential in the occupational routine. Master the problem-free usage of Office tools or Adobe programmes already during your studies or become an SEO expert. The optional extra-curricular offerings of the career service help you to acquire needed competences for your studies and daily work.


3 Experience teh business world

Away from theory - into practice: Diverse practical experiences support you with your career plan. To be in touch with companies as soon as possible the Macromedia Career Service regularly provides opportunities:

Career Day:

Prepare your career entry successfully with purposeful networking. During the yearly Career Day, you have the chance to get to know well-known collaboration partners and keep in touch with companies. Besides the career fair, you can participate in inspiring workshops and exchange with other Macromedia University students and alumni.

Mentoring Programm:

There is nothing more important for your career than a professionally experienced mentor. Macromedia University has created the framework with its mentoring programme. The Career Service arranges a tandem relationship between a professionally experienced person (mentor) and a less experienced person (mentee). The mentors share their own experiences, knowledge and skills to support the mentees in their professional and personal development. Students can participate as a mentee and emerge more focused and strengthened from the process.


No matter if in your first or last semester, studying for a bachelor's or master's degree - we want to give all students the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes at different companies, independently from the curriculum. Accompany us on our company visits and gain exclusive insights into companies, their products, and services.


4 Gain qualifications

Besides professional competence and factual knowledge, Macromedia University attaches importance to relay skills relevant to practice. The Career Service therefore regularly offers workshops and seminars that not only teach the WHAT but also the HOW. Learn for example the correct presentation techniques to convince the audience. Use rhetorical methods to create an interesting and inspiring speech. Achieve an even balance between your professional and private life with the help of time and stress management. The offerings vary from semester to semester to give all students the chance to develop.


5 Start your career

The Career Service accompanies you on your way to your profession. It doesn't matter whether CV-check, support with the motivation letter or application counselling - with our help you can optimise your application documents. Also, we frequently provide trainings to prepare students for the job interview, assessment centre or salary negotiation.