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We are very pleased to welcome you as a lecturer at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. To help you get off to a smooth start, we provide all the necessary information here, from signing your contract to preparing for exams. You can use the following checklist to ensure that you are fully prepared for your teaching.



In case of questions please contact  the Organisation and Planning Management on Campus.












Framework contract

The framework contract regulates the general agreements, includes a data protection agreement to be signed and is valid for 2 years. You will receive your framework contract from our Organisation and Planning Managers by e-mail. Information on the teaching assignment for the current semester, which is referred to in the framework agreement, can be found under Teaching Assignment.


Systems and Access data

From the Macromedia Servicehub, you can access all your Macromedia apps (e.g. Office 365, Community, Blackboard, etc.) directly by clicking on the corresponding tiles. You will receive your access data to the Servicehub by e-mail as soon as we have received your signed framework agreement. Please activate your account first!

Macromedia University uses Office 365 as a central element of the teaching IT infrastructure. Therefore, a Microsoft Office 365 account is available to you free of charge. Please check your Macromedia email address regularly. You can reach all Office 365 applications via the Servicehub.

In case of technical problems, please contact our IT helpdesk


Data protection

 Please familiarize yourself with the training documents on data protection stored in the Explanations (access only with login)!


Date coordination, cancellations and postponements

Our Organisation and Planning Managers will contact you to coordinate the planned course dates. They will be happy to help you with organisational questions and problems.

In case of cancellations and postponements, please contact our Organization and Planning Managers as well as the Welcome Desk (click here for contact details). They will adjust the changes in the timetable and inform the students. 



See the Timetable to get the details on your lessons.

Through automatic synchronisation, all course dates are transferred to your Office365 calendar and updated when dates are rescheduled. Please note, however, that you should refer to the timetable in the community for details on dates.

Explanations of the timetable can be found here.



Please see mPower to get an overview of the didactic concept of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences.
In the Explanations (access only with login) ou will find the mPower handout for teachers. Please familiarise yourself with the contents in preparation for teaching.

mPower is the didactic concept of Macromedia University.

In the help area (data is only visible after login) you will find the mPower handout for teachers. Please familiarize yourself with the contents in preparation for teaching.

Further information on didactic topics can be found in the "Toolbox-Lehre". 


Lernmanagementsystem Blackboard

All courses are accompanied by the Blackboard learning management system. Through it, instructors share teaching materials, teach virtually, and communicate with students.

Blackboard Ultra is used to upload teaching materials, while Blackboard Collaborate is used to conduct online teaching (Expert Sessions).

You can find training recordings and informational materials in the MSTeams room Toolbox-Lehre Macromedia.
Please familiarize yourself with the system.


Teaching Assignment

You will receive a teaching assignment for each course, which specifies the scope in teaching units and the remuneration. You will receive this from our Organisation and Planning Managers approx. 4 weeks before the start of the semester with a request for signature and return.


Lesson organisation

Our Organisation and Planning Managers will contact the course coordinators to coordinate the content of the courses and prepare the lessons. They will provide you with the course contents and documents and will contact you by e-mail approximately 4 weeks before the start of the semester. Please attend any coordination meetings and contact the course coordinator if you have any questions or problems regarding the content.


Lecturer meeting

Every semester at the beginning of the semester, there are lecturer meetings at all campuses to inform you about the most important topics and updates regarding teaching at Macromedia University. You will receive an invitation from our Organisation and Planning Managers. Please attend this meeting.


Attendance recording

Please record the attendance of students for your course by noting them in the Course list and participants. The attendance record serves as proof that you have taken the class and therefore must be taken.

In the help section (data is only visible after login) you will find detailed information for lecturers on attendance recording. 


Billing (Self-Billing)

Starting in the summer semester of 2023, Macromedia will convert its billing system to self-billing. Lecturers will thus receive a direct monthly transfer for the teaching units they have taught, corrections they have made, and exams they have taken. This means that lecturers no longer need to issue invoices, provided that no other remuneration components than those mentioned have been contractually agreed. Payment will be made to the account known to Macromedia. Lecturers will receive corresponding credit invoices by mail to their billing address.

Click here for the FAQs on self-billing.


You will receive information on the corrections after the end of the lecture period in good time from the staff of the local examination offices. You will also be invited to a training session on digital correction.

The examination form of the respective course as well as the assignment are centrally specified, information can be found in the module information in Blackboard. If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinators. Technical assistance is available at


Documents, templates and help

You can find them in the help section. Please note that the files are only displayed when you are logged in.