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You can find all information about your study programme in the Important notes about studying. We are pleased that you have chosen Macromedia University. There are some important things to consider for enrolment, which you can read about below. 


Services Central

You have further questions regarding your enrolment ...
No matter what your concern, please get in touch with your Services Central. Also available by phone under +49 89 544151 555. We are pleased to help you.

Required documents (Checklists)

The documents listed in the corresponding checklist must be submitted in the required form by the beginning of your programme (day of matriculation / registration on campus). If any of the respective documents are missing or are submitted in insufficient form, enrolment cannot be completed..

Health Insurance for Students

General Information

In Germany, all students (under 30 yrs of age) must have sufficient health insurance, you generally have to choose a statutory health insurance provider e.g., BARMER, AOK, TK-Techniker Krankenkasse or DAK (to name a few). You can only be enrolled at Macromedia university if you have, proven, sufficient, health insurance coverage. Students over the age of 30 years are exempted.

All applicants, regardless of their country of origin, must therefore contact a German statutory health insurance provider and apply for statutory health insurance before enrollment.

Students from the EU, EEA (European Economic Area) countries, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Switzerland, must apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an equivalent documentation (in German or English) - (Entitlement certification or the S1 Form) or (E-111, AT 11, ATN 11 or the BH-Form), in their home country, before coming to Germany, and then apply for confirmation from a statutory health insurance provider. See "What to do" below.

Students holding a private health insurance coverage (e.g. Mawista), must apply for exemption from a statutory health insurance. If the current health insurance from your home country (European statutory or a private health insurance) is recognised as sufficient in Germany, a confirmation will be issued.

What to do
Contact a statutory health insurance provider, and inform them about your upcoming studies at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences,
quote the Macromedia sender number H0002915.
The insurance provider will send a digital notification directly to Macromedia university, to confirm your health insurance status. This service is free of charge.

The insurance provider will confirm whether

  • you are sufficiently insured
  • you are exempted from the statutory health insurance obligation

You do not need to submit any confirmation in paper form.

If your health insurance coverage  is not sufficient, you will have to take on a statutory health insurance.

Aplication for membership / Exemption / Confirmation of home insurance
Here are guides (with contact data) and application templates of two German statutory health insurance providers.1


Open Office Hours

Do you have any questions or need support about the student health insurance? Then join our weekly open office hour via Teams,

1 Please note; these guides and templates are only for support, you are free to apply for health insurance at any other German health insurance provider of your choice. Macromedia university will take no responsability for the correctness of the shared information, nor do we give any guarantee whatsoever.

Proof of language proficiency

Please see the Guidelines on policy intake language for studying at Macromedia University.


After successful enrollment, you will receive the access data to your Macromedia account. After activating the Macromedia account, you can download the enrolment certificate and other documents under Certificates.