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Macromedia Email-Address

Once you become part of the Macromedia family, your previous email address will be replaced with the Macromedia email address in all our systems for privacy reasons.
Please use the Macromedia email address exclusively for your communication in Macromedia matters. All of our communication with you will only take place via this channel.


Office365 - Outlook

We provide you with the Office365 package including Outlook. You can use the web-based mail client or install the Outlook app on all your devices. Students and lecturers automatically receive all event dates via the calendar function. You can also use the calendar to arrange meetings with your lecturers, Macromedia staff and other students.

You can also call an online meeting and set up an MS Teams appointment. Here you have the option of chatting, telephoning, transmitting the screen to everyone (for joint work or a presentation).

Activate your E-Mail account

Log in to the Servicehub with your access data and click on the icon Office365. The system will forward you to Microsoft Office365. Click on Outlook and your mail account will open.

How to install you E-Mail account in a mail client

You want to read your mails on your mobile phone, laptop or other device.

PC or Laptop

Use the Outlook App. Log into the Servicehub and click on the icon "Office365".

  • In Office365, click on the "Install Office" button and select "Office365 Apps". The download starts.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.
  • Open Outlook. You will be automatically asked if you want to add an account. Enter your E-mail address and tap "Next".
  • Enter the password for your email account and tap "Next".
  • Read the further information and confirm with "Login" or "Next".

Mobile phone / tablet

Use the Outlook App. Download the app in your App Store and start the app.

  • Open the menu Further settings > Settings > Add Account> Add Email Account.
  • Enter your full E-mail address. Then tap on "Next".
  • Enter the password for your email account and tap "Next".
  • Read the further information and confirm with "Login" or "Next".